LOCATION: Barnet, London
PROJECT TYPE: Residential refurbishment
PROJECT STATUS: Completed in 2018
Bethge House occupies a  Victorian terrace house  set within a large mature garden. An existing rear single storey extension with a low ceiling occupied a utility room, disconnecting the kitchen from the garden. The client requirement was  to bring more light into the existing kitchen and provide a better connection with the garden, while retaining the single storey utility extension.
The house is transformed by opening up the kitchen into the utility room extension, bringing more daylight in and improving the connection with the garden. Glazed pocket doors are added to keep the two spaces separate.  The utility extension is transformed into a lightbox by removing the ceiling to expose the sloping roof and adding rooflights windows and glazed doors glazing.  The utility is efficiently laid out by adding a wall of  joinery along one side which blends into the wall.  A window seat and shelves are provided on one side for a place to sit and watch the garden.
The space was transformed without needing to rebuild the existing extension and without changing the use of the extension.

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