LOCATION: Whetstone, London
PROJECT TYPE: Residential extension/remodelling
PROJECT STATUS: Completed 2018
Elevated House occupies a semi-detached property, which is elevated above the back garden due to the topography of the land.
The house is transformed by adding a new volume to the back and by creating an open plan living space. The new living pavilion continues outside, forming an open terrace that gradually descends down into the garden as a monolithic sculptural form with carved out steps and platforms to achieve a gradual transition in levels. Some platforms house flowering plants to accentuate the sense of continuity, while others form a seat to enjoy an elevated view.
The form of the new building is generated through a strong response to its context. The rectangular roof form continues two solid planes in a straight line, while below the roof a third plane is pushed back in order to maintain a side access to the house. This articulation of elements results in a deep side overhang over fully glazed walls, which provide an uninterrupted view of the garden. Although the new pavilion steps in plan, this step is not visible internally. While internally the layout is designed to seamlessly blend old and new, the outside has been designed to be distinctly different. Its dark brick facade and large glass opening contrasts against the solid white rendered wall of the original house as a celebration of the new pavilion.


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